pay-per-pod Kubernetes

Think about your application, not infrastructure

Zero infrastructure

Launch your code in seconds with no cloud instances management
out of the box
You get full access to a separate Kubernetes namespace, pre-configured with all security poliicies needed
Pay only for resources used by your running application, with no cluster maintenance fee

Easy to deploy

No need to explore one more cloud API:
Kubernetes is a new unified way to deploy your applications.
kubernetes dashboard
puzl dashboard

Deploy even easier

Let us do the job. Speed up your workflow by using Marketplace.

The cost of an application consists only of its computing resources.
You can request any amount of CPU and RAM during the installation process.

New services

Efficient GPUs
The most cost-effective for AI/ML
4x cheaper than Tesla V100 per hour
2x cheaper than Tesla T4 per FP32
0.64x as fast as Tesla V100 for FP32