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Shared File System Data Storage

Shared File System Data Storage, is a persistent data storage, used for storing data that should persist after a Pod has finished, and when it's necessary to provide access to the data storage from multiple Pods at the same time. For example, It proves to be particularly useful in SSH app or if it's necessary to provide a shared home directory for several Jupyter Notebooks. To create a persistent data storage you need to create a Volume using Puzl Dashboard (or PersistentVolumeClaim object if using Kubernetes API) with the .

Mount options 1ReadWriteMany
Kubernetes Storage Class Namesharedfs

random read
up to 1262 IOPS 2, up to 5MB/s bandwidth 3

random write
up to 543 IOPS 2, up to 2MB/s bandwidth 3

ResizableYou can resize your Volume after allocation to meet changing requirements.

1. Mount options:

ReadWriteManya Volume can be mounted to more than one Pod for read and write at the same moment.

2. 4KB block size.

3. 4MB block size.


Data storage price doesn't cover pricing for computing resources like RAM, CPU and GPU, which should be allocated separately. Volume creation is required for some Apps and optional in other cases.

Usage is billed on per-second basis for all provisioned capacity (used and unused).

Estimate your application costs with Pod Configurator.

Price per GB*day
I/O operationsNot charged
Minimal allocation1GB
Maximal allocation8TB 1, 2

1. Requested capacity must be a multiple of 1 GB.

2. 1GB = 1024MB, 1TB = 1024GB.

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  2. Puzl Cloud is required to charge VAT on sales of electronic services to business customers (B2B) in Estonia.
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